Blueplanet Kite Beach

It really feels a little bit like the end of the world when you arrive to Blueplanet Kite Beach for the first time. And just a few hours later it’s like you made a trip out of this world. No crowd, steady wind and the flattest conditions most riders out there have ever experienced. All of that right at the doorstep of your room!

The spot is about 50 minutes north of Baku City. The lagoon is named after a small nearby village called Shuraabad. The center is located on a peninsula which encloses a lagoon of roughly 4 square kilometers. For experienced riders it will immediately become obvious that the set-up is close to perfect. The lagoon works with all wind directions and it is secure to land on all shores. There are absolutely no wind obstructions and the water is about waist-deep which makes it super safe for beginners. Yet it’s deep enough for impact when training your freestyle tricks. There is not a single stone in the entire lagoon – nothing but sand and some seaweed.

On ESE-days when the wind blows from Caspian over the peninsula you will have butter-soft and mirror-like sessions with 5 bft plus and not a single ripple on the surface!

The open water side of the peninsula is obviously choppy and can only be surfed during on-shore and side-on-shore conditions for safety reasons since there is no rescue boat in operation.

Strong NNE days sometimes generate a small 1-1.5m wave about 70m from the shore rolling onto a sandy bottom. Make sure you have a chat with the local crew before going out on the open Sea – there are some old oil rigs out there that need to be avoided under all circumstances!

About the Spot

  • Season from May to October

  • 80% wind probability

  • Max. 1.5m deep water — perfect for beginners

  • Sandy bottom lagoon and pristine beach — no booties needed!

  • The first and only kite school in Azerbaijan

  • Perfect cross onshore wind conditions

  • Flat water lagoon — 8km2

  • ​Stunning coastline and beautiful sunsets

  • No wind obstruction caused by nearby buildings or trees

  • Full service kite station and restaurant — Scalini

  • Large pool and sun terrace with great beach loungers

  • Kite shop

  • Limitied repairs — come by, we’ll try our best to help!

  • Air compressor for your kites



Like other Beach Club’s our facility is open to everyone who would like to come and have great day by the beach! Whether you are a kite surfer coming with friends or you are looking to spend some quality time with the family – BLUEPLANET KITE BEACH will make your day!

25 AZN
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Wind Forecast

At Blueplanet Kite Beach we are very lucky to be blessed with a very steady and high wind probability. Our kite school is situated on a peninsula enclosing a huge flat water lagoon, meaning there is no need for a rescue boat. Check out the current wind conditions at our kite beach below.

Kite School

Wanna learn kitesurfing?

Wish to improve your skills?

Get in touch to book your course! Whether you are a total beginner or an intermediate rider who wants to push some limits - we'll make sure you get what you expect!

Other Services

The Hotel

Super nice, fully serviced rooms right on the beach! Get out of bed and onto your board within 2 minutes!

The Daypass

Planning a day trip? Here is what you get for your money!

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