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Meet our Team



The Boss, the heart and soul of our operation in Shorabad. Miri runs the hotel and the kite center, you’ve probably already talked to her on the phone or via email. Always happy to help!

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Max is the Founder of the place and is usually busy with guest relations and helps Miri to keep everything going smoothly.



Anything you need, Vugar can help! Just ask! Vugar speaks Azeri, Russian and English.



Anna is a great rider with lots of tricks up her sleeve. She knows what it’s like to learn kitesurfing as a girl, but don’t be fooled! She can ride with the best of our guys!

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He’s got all the skills to get you kiting! Once he detects some talent he will push you to your limits and beyond – nothing makes him happier than the smile of successful student who just did his first meters on the board

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Zhenia A.K.A 'Junior' is new to the Team ! His fresh and creative kite skills are fun to watch! Zhenia is famous    for his photography his big smiles and welcoming attitude.    

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He is all time ready to show our youngest guest the area and best hidding places. Introduce your kids to Mykha's and you and they will have an unforgetable weekend.


In charge of fun and security matters. Jerry loves people and surfing. He’s a passionate surfdog and the newest addition to our team — we all love him. And we’re sure you will too!

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